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Why Insight?

Our Partnership approach to clients…..


Insight aims towards taking the stress out

    of recruitment, finding expertise that meets

    your requirements precisely.


Insight staff are honest, open and ethical

    in practice


Insight is committed to long term business relationships gaining

    a deep understanding of our client’s culture, their needs and

    business environment.



First and foremost, what differentiates Insight from its competitors ….  


The success of any organization depends on the quality of its people.  In today’s business climate, the ability to identify, attract and retain high caliber personnel is a major challenge.  Insight Recruitment is meeting this challenge for our clients.  Our success has been the identification of people who are able to provide, in real terms, the skills necessary to underwrite our clients’ commercial future.  Insight Recruitment consultants are all industry experienced professionals with a genuine service commitment to deliver results for both our clients and candidates.


Overall, our aim is to provide you with a straightforward and professional recruitment service that will ensure you keep coming back for more, time and again.













Quality Assured


We are client driven – about your needs and your future.


Insight is committed to superior customer service, demonstrated by our total quality management system.


Committed to our Staff


We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and invest heavily in ensuring they have all the knowledge, skills and resources required to provide exceptional service to our clients.


Insight provides comprehensive induction and ongoing training for our staff, with training on understanding client needs, competency-based interviewing techniques, advertising and the technology industry.


Quality Candidate Base


We have developed a strong ability in attracting and retaining top quality candidates.  Insight operates a fully maintained NZ and overseas database comprising of thousands of candidates.


Global Recruitment


Insight Recruitment has built up an affiliation with a number of local and international companies associated with the recruitment and emigration of suitably qualified people with relevant work skills to meet our industry standards.

Our specialist International Recruitment team is highly trained and experienced in business immigration, allowing Insight to offer in-house sourcing and processing of overseas candidates.




We operate a “Quick Track” recruitment management software system which incorporates database management.  It stores and integrates all client and candidate information including resumes of those candidates who are most appropriate to our area of business and considered to be of value to clients.  Candidate information includes key skills for speedy identification and retrieval of resumes by utilising intelligent search tools.


Our consultants constantly update Quick Track by adding new local and overseas candidates and ensuring that existing candidates’ skills are accurately updated.


Permanent Solutions


Our finely tuned recruitment process can offer competency based interviewing, customized psychometric evaluations, skill testing, salary advice and video conferencing.



Candidate Care


Insight operates an excellent candidate care programme.  We are committed to assisting people to achieve their chosen career with integrity, discretion and respect.  We work hard to meet their needs by offering career counselling, tips on successful resume preparation and interviewing, presentation and grooming skills.  We also offer all candidates education on salary expectations, market trends and industry opportunities.